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Container Repair Form

Canopy Repair Form

Service Bulletin SSR 4-16
Check your risers to see if the rings are bent. If they are, don’t panic. Deformed rings don’t affect the rig’s performance or compromise the strength of risers—but they also don’t meet our high-quality standards, so we’re offering replacements, free of charge, to any customer who has been affected.

Service Bulletin SB 7-12
All Lite and Ultralite versions of the FOX and FLiK BASE parachutes with 400lb Dacron center A suspension lines manufactured from January 24, 2008 to September 27, 2011. The serial number is encoded with the date of manufacture. Example 24604123. The third digit represents the year “6” equals 2006. The forth and fifth digit represent the month “04” represents April.

FAQ for Service Bulletin SB 7-12
The PMP brings the existing canopies in the field up to the current manufacturing standard by replacing the two original 400 lb center A lines with 525 center A lines.

Product Modification Procedure PMP LS 7-12
Applicable Products: All FLiK and FOX models: Lite and Ultralite with a Date of Manufacture between January 24, 2008 and September 27, 2011.

Service Bulletin LS 8-08
Applicable Products: FOX and FLiK canopy with black Dacron suspension lines manufactured from
April 2006 – August 2008.

FLiK and FOX Line Kit Installation Document
Applicable Products: FOX and FLiK Canopies