• Custom Printed BASE Containers

    Custom printed gear has become popular as dye-sublimation technology has advanced and made its way into a wide range of applications. In BASE jumping the most popular use of this technology has been on harness-container systems and wingsuits. We’ve been playing with dye-sublimated (printed) fabrics for several years and want to share our observations.

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  • Pilot Chute Attachment Points

    As of 09/26/2018 all Apex BASE pilot chutes will feature a newly redesigned attachment point.

    PC attachment points are one of several lifelines that ensure your single parachute system deploys as planned. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about them recently and here are some observations and conclusions.

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  • Line Stows

    In BASE there are many variables over which we have little (or no) control. Packing is not one of them, therefore we should spend extra time and attention when packing to ensure that we’re doing the best possible job.

    One step in the packing process we frequently see an inadequate amount of time and attention spent is in the stowing of lines inside the tail pocket. Messy and incorrectly stowed lines can create malfunctions, damage to equipment, and damage to jumpers.

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  • How to Assess A New-To-You Object

    If your FBJC is still a pretty recent occurrence, you’re probably scrambling to figure out what the best course of action will be once you arrive at that first object which is not a 486-foot-tall bridge next to an Outback Steakhouse in Idaho. Even if you’ve been jumping for a little while, you may be left with a lingering feeling that–well–there has to be a smarter way to go about it. Y’know what? There is.

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  • Buying Your First BASE Rig

    Buying your first set of BASE gear? It’s an exciting, and confusing, experience and we’ve all been there!

    Few sports are more overrun by gear-dogma as BASE jumping. One jumper will tell you what they jump is the only safe and reliable system on the planet, while another jumper may point at that same gear and proclaim that it is “black death!”

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  • Packing Your BASE Parachute

    These videos provide instruction on how to pack your BASE parachute. The first section covers:

    1. A thorough line continuity check.
    2. 3-ring assembly.
    3. Bridle-to-canopy assembly.
    4. PC-to-bridle assembly.
    5. A complete slider-up pack job.

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  • Transitioning from Skydiving to BASE Jumping

    Few endeavors take more time, energy, commitment, money, and discipline than BASE jumping. That is, if you’re going to do it right. If you plan on skipping steps and taking shortcuts then you should be aware that few endeavors carry more risk.

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  • All About Wing Loading

    What size BASE canopy do I need?

    Skydivers have a tendency to associate higher wing loading and smaller parachutes with pilot skill and proficiency. It has been baked into our learning progressions and DZ cultures. You buy a canopy, you get comfortable with it, and then you downsize.

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  • Washing Your BASE Container

    The careful washing of harness/container systems has been practiced for decades in the parachute industry. While there is evidence that suggests washing a harness reduces the strength of the webbing, in real world applications, the reduction does not appear to be enough to be problematic.

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  • Let’s Talk About “UltraLite” Gear – BASE Parachutes

    Lightweight and “UltraLite” gear is all the rage these days in BASE. Every day we’re answering questions about “UL” canopies and containers. Are they durable? Are they safe? Are they worth the extra cost?

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