Apex BASE is fully committed to you, the jumper. We’ve been on the front lines of BASE for three decades and we couldn’t be more excited about every jumper, from the seasoned veteran to the eager newcomer, sharing this adventure with us as our sport continues to grow.

Because we’re all connected on this journey we like to think of Apex as more than just a dollars and cents business. Apex, and all BASE jumpers, are a family and we’re committed to taking care of the sport that has given us so much joy throughout the years.

In taking care of our fellow jumpers we prioritize consistent, reliable, high-quality, and thoroughly tested products as being our most important contribution. When you’re at an exit point it’s absolutely critical that you’re confident in your gear, and we’re proud to build gear that you can trust.


BASE jumping is who we are, what we love to do, and where we focus all of our energy and attention.


The first seeds of Apex were planted in 1987 with the formation of T&T Rigging. Started by brothers Todd and Troy Shoebotham, T&T was one of the very first manufacturers of BASE specific accessories and container systems. T&T later evolved into Basic Research where BASE gear truly began to take shape. Basic Research built the first BASE specific canopy, the FOX. This new platform included many innovations that are standard on all BASE specific equipment today, including the tailgate and bottom surface vents. Along with Jimmy Pouchert and Marta Empinotti, Todd eventually morphed Basic Research and their Vertigo BASE Outfitters into Apex BASE where innovation, top quality products, and a commitment to our customers has made us the industry leader that we are today.

Todd Shoebotham has been at the forefront of the industry since the earliest days of BASE jumping, and he maintains this role today as President of Apex BASE.

Jimmy and Marta continue to independently own and operate Apex BASE Courses providing BASE jumping instruction.

All Apex BASE gear is designed, developed, manufactured, and distributed from our shop in Southern California.


42309 Winchester Road Unit H
Temecula, CA 92590

Telephone: 951.719.3981
Email: info@apexbase.com