Apex BASE offers two variations of our standard 2 pin BASE bridle. If you’re interested in our Static Line Bridle then click here.

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BASE Jumping bridles come in two different configurations:

  • 9-foot, 2 pin
  • 9-foot, 2 pin with magnet

Stock bridles have pin spacing for Apex containers.  For non-Apex containers a maximum center to center grommet spacing of 7.25 inches (184 mm) .  Grommet spacing greater than 7.25 inches would require a custom bridle.  Contact Apex for more details and pricing.

If you don’t already have a top flap magnet for your Magnet Bridle, you can order one here.

Warning- DO NOT USE a stock bridle on a container with grommet spacing greater than 7.25 inches (184 mm).

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9FT NO PIN, 9FT 1 PIN, 9FT 2 PIN, 9FT 2 PIN with Magnet, 11FT 2 PIN, 9FT 2 PIN Red, 9FT 2 PIN Yellow-Gold, 9FT 2 PIN Yellow-Gold with Mag, 9FT 2 PIN Red with Mag


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