“What Line Over” Toggles, aka “WLO’s,” are designed to release the control line, without the use of a hook knife, in the event of a slider up line-over malfunction.



Apex BASE is proud to offer WLO toggles because we’ve seen them in action and they work. On a no-slider jump (slider-down) we have our equipment configured with the Line Mod. This configuration allows the release of a control line if a line-over occurs. When the slider is used (slider up) the Line Mod is no longer an option because the control line MUST pass through the slider and riser ring. The WLO is a releasable toggle intended to release a slider up line-over. The desire to release a slider up line-over is not new, but the WLO Toggles do it better than any other toggle on the market.

The WLO Toggles do require a fixed toggle loop (finger trapped and bar tacked) on the lower control line. A fixed toggle loop is standard on all Apex parachutes.


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