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Static Line Bridle designed specially to make static line deployments safer and more predictable. However, this bridle is suitable for all styles of jumping, from terminal wingsuit jumps to low freefall. Watch the video.




Apex BASE has pioneered a solution to premature breakage of break cord during static line jumps. Our Static Line Bridle helps to dampen snatch forces occurring on static line jumps during canopy extraction. The bridle has an elastic stretching functionality which greatly reduces the chance of an unexpected shock prematurely breaking static line break cord. Additionally, the Static Line Bridle features:

  • A fully redundant design assuring bridle integrity in the unlikely event of dampener failure.
  • A self-contained design that does not interfere with other types of jumps, so it can remain installed on all styles of jump.
  • A 9 foot, 2 pin design that is compatible with most dual pin systems with a center to center grommet spacing equal to or less than 7.25” (184 mm)


  1. Michael Knurbin

    I have used this bridle for several years now. It works equally well for SL and FF. I do almost all my jumping in Moab, UT, USA and this bridle has served me well. In my opinion it reduces the shock-loading on the break cord when the canopy lifts off the container. What is great is that it has no detrimental effect on FF and I have FFed it from 200 feet without any noticeable detriment. This is a great bridle for people who jump larger, non-lightweight canopies. I have used this bridle on 266 and upwards canopies and it provides me with extra confidence when jumping SL. I did not have to change my packjob to use this bridle. It does add a small amount of bulk when placing the bridle inside the container, but this has not been an issue for the way I pack. I do not know if Apex provides different ‘elasticity’ depending on your canopy weight. Thank you Apex team – this bridle has worked very well for me.

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