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In addition to teaching First BASE Jump Courses Apex BASE offers coaching and expeditions in Europe for more experienced BASE jumpers. Once you’ve built some knowledge and experience during and after your FBJC, we want to help you transition to more advanced objects and the big terminal walls of Europe in an environment that’s more controlled, more efficient, and more productive than simply going with a few friends and “winging it.”

Terminal BASE jumping is a different animal than slider-off jumps from a bridge, and adding the uncertainly of traveling to a new country  (and frequently a language barrier) doesn’t simplify things for jumpers new to BASE travel. Apex BASE Expeditions arose to fill the need for guidance from jumpers looking to take the next steps in their BASE careers as safely and smoothly as possible.

About Luke Hively

Luke Hively has been a member of the Apex BASE team for several years now, and this guy does it all. From his start in skydiving at age 15 (Yes, you read that right.) he’s made over 3000 jumps across nearly all disciplines: freefly, RW, wingsuit, BASE, freefly BASE, wingsuit BASE, etc. Luke recently married and relocated to Wengen, Switzerland which is (literally) just a BASE jump away from the world famous Lauterbrunnen Valley. Luke has partnered with Apex BASE to offer European Expeditions and Coaching Services for jumpers looking to jump the big walls (and a few other lesser traveled locations) of Europe in a more organized and efficient manner.

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Brento, Swiss Dam, & Lauterbrunnen Expedition


For jumpers with the ability to commit to a trip spanning over 2 weeks, this is the ultimate all-around European BASE tour. From the massive terminal wall in Brento, to the subterminal tracking cliffs of Lauterbrunnen, with some slider-off dam jumps mixed in for good measure this trip will cover every aspect of BASE jumping and help build you into a more experienced, more skilled, and more well-rounded BASE jumper. For jumpers looking to do it all in Europe in a more controlled environment with guidance and coaching, this trip cannot be beat.

Brento Expedition


For most BASE jumpers heading to Europe the Monte Brento in Northern Italy is the most practical, accessible, and safest option to begin to explore big wall BASE jumping. Unlike the more technical jumps in Switzerland however, Italy can be a little trickier to navigate for someone new to European BASE travel. For jumpers looking to get big wall experience as efficiently as possible, and over a shorter trip, the Brento Expedition is an ideal choice.

Lauterbrunnen Expedition


If you’ve already got some big wall experience and you’re looking to move to the more technical cliffs in Lauterbrunnen, we offer a standalone Lauterbrunnen Expedition focused solely on transitioning your skills and focus from the truly big walls, to walls where tracking performance becomes imperative to making consistently safe BASE jumps. More experience is required to sign on to this course, but for jumpers looking to shift to the subterminal walls of Lauterbrunnen with guidance and coaching in a more controlled environment, this is the way to do it.

Daily Coaching – Lauterbrunnen

$599/day for up to three jumpers

(Note: This daily rate can be split by up to three jumpers.) Are you a jumper, or group of jumpers, looking for a coaching in Lauterbrunnen in a daily format? Because Luke Hively is local he’s able to work with jumpers who might not be a good fit for a full expedition, but could still benefit from a day or two of coaching in the valley. This is the most cost efficient way for jumpers to get access to Luke’s skilled coaching and Valley expertise, without having to commit to a multi-day or multi-week Expedition.

Open 2020 Expeditions:

July 16 – Aug 1: Brento, Swiss Dam, & Lauterbrunnen Expedition (Leave your 25% deposit before January 15, 2020 and receive a $350 discount on this trip!)

July 16 – 23: Brento Expedition

July 24 – Aug 1: Lauterbrunnen Expedition (Day coaching may be available during these dates.)


Contact info@apexbase.com if you’re interested in working with Luke to arrange a new expedition.

The dates above are for trips already scheduled, but more dates may be available!


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