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FlySight 2 was designed from the ground up for wingsuit and tracking suit pilots. This tool is invaluable in speeding up learning progressions and helping jumpers understand how to fly cleanly and efficiently.
FlySight 2 provides real-time audible indication of glide ratio, horizontal or vertical speed. But it also records GPS data that can be easily reviewed and debriefed.

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FlySight 2 is an upcoming product with a complete redesign of the previous hardware. New features include:

  • Water resistant case (IP67)
  • More powerful processor with Bluetooth Low Energy radio
  • Additional sensors (barometric, acceleration, rotation, and orientation)
  • Improved audio
  • USB C

If you’ve used other GPS receivers, you know the drill. When you land, you review data from the jump. If you’re lucky, or if you’ve planned a very simple jump, you might remember what you were doing when your glide ratio maxed out. On the next jump, you try to do it again.

FlySight 2 speeds the learning process.

On the jump, when you change your body position, you instantly hear a change in the tone. Your brain easily connects this feedback with your precise body position, making it astonishingly easy to remember what worked and what didn’t.

FlySight 2 handles the dynamics of freefall exceptionally well. FlySight 2 can be turned on a few minutes before exit, and begins providing audible feedback immediately after exit.

For real-time feedback, this is enormously superior to a method based on differences in position, because the receiver’s velocities are accurate to 0.1 m/s.


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