DPw (Dual Pin Water BASE Rig)

The Apex DPw is the best water rig available for BASE Jumpers.

The DPw (Dual Pin Water) BASE rig is made using Parapak fabric to accommodate faster drying after water landings. To help reduce drying times we’ve also removed all open cell foam; reducing foam where possible and leaving only closed cell foam where removal wasn’t desirable. All of this speeds up the drying time considerably which allows you to do more jumps and have more fun!

See how much fun?

DPw orders can be submitted using the PDF order form HERE.





The DPw has all of the features of the DP including optional articulation, a stash bag pouch on the back pad, and our top tuck flap for secure pin protection. There are rubber band stows on the inside of the container for stowing lines. This rig should be combined with the H2O round canopy.

When combined with either the H20 19′ or the H20 21′ Round Canopy, the DPw adds a whole new element to your summer BASE adventures!

Every DPw is handcrafted from start to finish in our Southern California facility. Each unit undergoes two thorough independent quality control inspections. First the independent container components are inspected (e.g. harness, back pad, leg pads, cover flaps, etc.). The second inspection is conducted after all components have been merged into a complete container.