Packing Your BASE Parachute

These videos provide instruction on how to pack your BASE parachute. The first section covers:

1. A thorough line continuity check.
2. 3-ring assembly.
3. Bridle-to-canopy assembly.
4. PC-to-bridle assembly.
5. A complete slider-up pack job.

Part two covers:

1. The slider-off packing variation.
2. Tail gate installation.
3. Two different variations when dressing the nose.
4. Direct slider control (when slider up).
5. Two different stabilizer variations.
6. Setting up for a handheld jump.
7. Switching from one PC to another.
8. Slider removal and installation.
9. WLO Toggle installation.
10. Dual through loop closing variation.

Always seek proper instruction and supervision when learning to pack, and never jump a pack job that you are not 100% comfortable with and confident in. There are many variables that we cannot control in BASE, and packing is not one of them. Take your time, pay close attention to the task at hand, and don’t forget to count your tools when you’re done!