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Pre-owned Lobo 280 UltraLite. All black with “Apex BASE” logo on bottom skin. Black Lines. Small mesh slider included.  DOM: July 2015. Can typically ship within 24 hours.

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This canopy is more tailored to slider­-up jumpers or jumpers with more flight time and fun “swoopy” landing areas. The Lobo has a rolled­-over nose which reduces parasitic drag and further improves flight characteristics. It has a sporty feel and plenty of flight performance.

It features Vtec (3 of 7 vents), dual brake settings and a Multi-2 Tail pocket support system. Can typically ship within 24 hours.

Canopy Features:
  • Vtec (3 of 7 vents)
  • Dual Brake Settings
  • Multi-2 Tail Pocket Support System
  • Standard Tail Pocket
  • Small Mesh Slider Included
  • Black Lines
  • 4 stainless steel links including link covers
  • DOM: July 2015
  • Approx. 100 jumps

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Weight 9.4 lbs


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