We have developed a progression of several courses that will take you from having no (or perhaps just a few) BASE jumps, all the way to being a skilled and confident BASE jumper. Whether your dream destination is an exit point in Moab, or the big walls in Europe, we can help you get there.

Cut your teeth at a First BASE Jump Course (or keep growing your skills at an Advanced Course) at Idaho’s Perrine Bridge, or learn to BASE jump with us in beautiful Croatia and discover the big walls in Italy.

Learning to BASE jump with Apex not only makes you a more skilled jumper, it also makes you a member of our jumping family. We look forward to jumping with you not only during the course, but for many years to come!


2021 BASE Jumping Courses:


FBJC March 26-29
Adv Course March 30-April 1

Memorial Day Weekend FBJC May 28-31
Adv Course June 1-3

FBJC July 23-26
Adv Course July 27-29

Labor Day Weekend FBJC Sept 3-6
Adv Course Sept 7-9

Croatia FBJC and Adv Courses Sept 2-10
Brento Expedition Sept 12-16


Contact moab@apexbase.com if you’re interested in working with us to arrange custom dates.

In order to reserve your slot, a deposit must be made. Contact moab@apexbase.com for deposit amounts and instructions. Please see the details for each course (outlined in the PDF links below) to find more information on each course.

The dates above are for courses already scheduled, but more dates may be available!

First BASE Jump Course

Apex BASE has been conducting BASE courses for experienced skydivers at the Perrine bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho for over 19 years, and teaching BASE for over 25 years.

The Perrine Bridge soars 486 feet over the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho. This bridge is legal year-round (and very forgiving as far as BASE objects go), making it an ideal place to complete your first jumps as safely as possible.

Our First Jump Course is 4 days. You can combine this course with a 3 day Advanced Course for a 7 day, immersive experience that will give you the tools to have a long, safe, and awesome BASE jumping career.

Advanced BASE Jump Course, Level 1

The Advanced Course Level 1 is designed for all jumpers, regardless of your experience. We evaluate each student and decide how to advance their personal skill set to make them a safer, more well-rounded jumper. We reinforce emergency procedures with an emphasis on practical application, as well as augmenting the object avoidance and canopy control learned in the FBJC. The result is that ABJC L1 will get you ready for the more advanced BASE objects – such as cliffs and buildings.

The ABJC L1 is a great way to:

  • Step back into currency if you have become uncurrent
  • Thoroughly enhance your canopy skills and accuracy
  • Dial in important object avoidance techniques
  • Augment your knowledge of exit methods

Advanced BASE Jump Course, Level 2

The Advanced Course Level 2 is designed for experienced jumpers who are ready to expand their BASE skills into new territory in a safe and controlled manner. On this course, jumpers will learn to safely navigate the planning and execution of:

  1. Multi-ways
  2. Slider-up, sub-terminal jumps
  3. Unpacked jumps
  4. Night jumps
  5. Water jumps (with a round canopy)

Croatia & Brento Course

The Limska Draga bridge in Istria, Croatia is a fantastic first BASE object due to its relative safety, teaching facilities and accommodations. After working on sub-terminal skills in Croatia, we will move on to Brento, Italy, for terminal wall jumping at its finest. This is the ultimate basics-to-big-wall learning experience!


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